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Re: MNGB Review

Postby fingerbangcity » Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:32 pm

MNGB,so far I've only tried The Legal & it is very nice to say the least. As an avid smoker I can honestly say this blend is permanently on my menu(right near the top)

Texture-/Very appealing,not too moist nor dry,fluffy but doesn't burn away. 10/10

Taste-/Earthy,not overpowering,chemless taste smooth overall. 8/10

Effects-/floaty,mellow,low paranoia,good duration. 9/10 (not because potency,but fondness)

Most of all I like the fact that it doesn't rock my world everytime I smoke & def doesn't leave me hangin or wanting more. I like to smoke with friends & do rec. shit like disk golf,mgnb is perfect for that.I call this blend my social smoke. good job mng!

The Legal - Review

Postby TraneMingusMonk » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:52 am
Vendor: Mr. Nice Guy Blend
Price: Free Sample (Thanks so much)
The sample was very generous, well over a g.
Smoking implement used: Water Pipe
Amount used: One niced sized bowl
Blend Appearance: Fairly well chopped up herbs, some slightly larger pieces. Quite fluffy, is actually fluffier than it appears.
Various shades of green, some bits of green so dark they almost look black. There is one purple colored
petal. A mix of different herbs.
Smell: Pretty neutral. I don't smell much in the way of added scents though I believe this is supposed to be vanilla/almond.
Smell is very subtle, though there is kind of a sweet smell in the background.
Taste and hit: Just tastes like herbs, not very harsh, pretty smooth. Due to fluffiness and a little bit of moisture, you can bunch up a pretty big hit into a bowl and it burns long. Some nice hits.
Effects: Felt pretty much right away, peak is 5 minutes in and no paranoia. This blend has a very unique quality - you feel well in control. You have a very good sense of well - being. But you are higher than you think. As I type up this review, my mind is stoned, but in a clearheaded way. Not a hazy high. Colors are brighter and sharper. I feel like I have very coherent ideas, but in reality, they are pretty muddy. I'm not typing well at all. Got some munchies. A little bit of the classic stoned feeling behind the eyes.
Duration: About average - peak is 5-15 minutes in. After about a half hour, I start thinking about taking more hits. If none taken, slowly tapers for about another half hour. One other thing I like is no harsh comedown at all. A good number of the blends out there have this nasty ragged feeling toward the end, with headaches or base of skull throbbings. None of those negatives are present here.
Overall Impression: One of my favorite blends. Not super strong like Dallas or Wireman. No mind blowing effects. But not one of those basic, mediocre, run of the mill blends which most fall into. Makes you feel real good and stones you. I could see this as one of the blends I would keep wanting to return to - a mainstay blend.


Mr. Nice Guy Blends
+1g Sample (definitely +)

SMELL: At first smell it reminded me of a Fruit and Nut bar. Now it just smells like...well nothing.
TEXTURE/LOOK: Looks close to the "real" thing. Semi-dry. No stems at all. Nice, medium grind.
TASTE: Really nice taste. Not harsh at all. Very smooth.
FEELING: Completely relaxed and pleasant. Nothing crazy or intense. Just a very chill blend. This is a late night relaxing blend for me!

Enjoyed 1 bowl. Still have plenty. Definitely one of my favorites so far. Like all the reviews before me it was definitely a laid back blend. It made me very content with pretty much everything. I am extremely happy with it and suggest it to everyone!

Sidenote- Ridiculous fast shipping and the best customer service around.

Super blend Mr. Nice Guy

Mr. Nice Guy Blends: the Legal Spearmint

Postby mezimomo » Wed Feb 24, 2010 1:58 pm
very quick, short n sweet review on a nice blend. In a hurry to finish school work b4 class tonight. I'm nice n high now too, and it's totally helpin with my interest in studying lol. nice energizing light-n-bright high. but onto the real review.

ok, so I got my free samples two 1 g samples, along with a bigger 7g order today from Mr. Nice guy. it got here pretty quick too. like 3 days. so, I decided to try the spearmint sample. Mr Nice Guys Herb perked me up right away

First off, it says 1-2 uses on it, but i can definately stretch it to double that; I only took out about 1/6 of it and put it in my little metal pipe and took 4 hits. the comeup was very quick and even. not super stoned right away, and not a creeper that snuck up on me. Just a nice smooth gradual high peaking at around 15 minutes with some nice euphoria and relaxation. .
the smoke was nice and smooth. Not harsh at all, and it had a nice subtle minty after taste and an aroma that smelled like spearmint gum b4 smoking, and like sweet n herby after its smoked. The texture was nice too. about half n half between loose ground herb and little nuggets of jee-wee-herb laced goodness.

Afterwards, I proceeded to lose my cranky attitude and talk to my mom (my main ride since car broke down) about how school was n such. Its a very socially stinulating high with a subtle body buzz with some nice pain killing and anti anxiety feelings.

This first bit I did was a tiny amount, so the high is now trailing off, 30 minutes afterward. I'm gonna go do another bowl to keep my tired n cranky feelings at bay till I'm done with my work and actually have time to dose off.

Good Job Mr. Nice Guy! you got some nice smooth feeling social herbs here.

edit: decided to roll a joint instead. it burns pretty well this way, and not too quickly either

Re: Mr. Nice Guy Blends: the Legal Spearmint

Postby tdawg » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:54 pm
This blend isthe closest thing to real as it gets. We partake every other day of this , and we have the option of the "real", but enjoy the feeling of MNGB. Been a loyal customer since we found it, will be until we cant no more. If you are looking for an intense, serenity Now type hi, this isnt the right blend for you- if however you are looking for a good time that feels like your teenage years back behind the house under the stars...baked, but not crazy, then this is for you! I am a lifelong customer!

Re: MNGB Reviews Here!

Postby » Zepplin70 Tue Feb 16, 2010 12:10 am

Good Sunday afternoon folks! I received my order from Mr. NGB yesterday and I just thought I'd leave my response to the product here.

BUY IT!!! :mrgreen:

Very nice blends. I picked up the regular and the spearmint and I am truly impressed with what they sent. I burn mine rolled up so as to allow for a nice onset. Once it hit me I was very happy. Nice job guys. You will now have a repeat customer. Great product and the price is right.


Postby Kiamoko » Fri Feb 19, 2010 12:24 am
The Legal: Herbal Incense


Look-Fluffy, Green, some small white flecks

Smell-Herby and minty. No chem smell.

Taste-Smooth, herby and slightly minty.

Effect- 2 inhales in and i feel "floaty". I can form thoughts. I just don't want to talk. I am relaxed. Happy. Tv looks a bit sharper. Music on commercials is excellent. Haha. TMZ is making me giggle more than usual.
Right now i would say it is more of a head high than a body high..maybe 80/20. This was from 1 full bowl in the end.

Total "fun" Time- 1 hour 15 minutes. With a small head high still present...but i feel back to normal.
I will say that it also ended up being about 1 hour 45 minutes. I ate hot wings for dinner and i think the heat from them knocked my socks off. I had fire from my ears..haha.

That was the sample of the Spearmint The Legal.
I will try the regular, The Legal some time tomorrow.


Postby nowonmai » Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:26 pm

Well, I received my free sample of 'The Legal' today and was really surprised at the amount I received.

Very pleased right from the start.

I proceeded to take three hits just to see where this blend stands, and it stands on top. While not super strong it is a decently strong blend that does compare with most commercial blend brands I have tried. The three hits I took kept me in a good place for around an hour and tapered off nicely, this blend is indeed a keeper. My only qualm with MNGB is that the package I received said 'Mr. Nice Guy Blend' right on the front, as plain as day. I prefer a more discreet packaging, but other than that my experience with MNGB has been very good. Will definitely use them in the future.

Postby MichaelWoltar » Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:44 pm
Ok. got my samples from Mr. Nice Guy . The blend appears very enticing and does not look twiggy or disgusting to me, it looks pretty much like MJ and appears to be fresh. Its pretty moist and has a nice herbal smell to it, kinda hard to desribe, sweet and spicy like. On the first gravity bong rip, i felt nice and cererbral lift. on the 2nd and 3rd i got the effect that i was looking for in full 8-) this is another great blend out there that i can really appreciate. its not super strong, as much as it is really smooth, and truthfully nice tasting. You wont overdo it with this blend imo, it didnt make me stoopid or anything, definately controllable. Its definately one of the smoothest blends ive tried. thanks Mr. Nice Guy this stuff is pretty damn good.

Re: MNGB Reviews Here!

Postby krillin420 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:45 am

Ok, so I tried it out last yesterday and passed out.

First off the vanilla-almond scent isn't my type of scent, but it actually smelled and tasted pretty good. Light and fluffy, which is probably why I used up like 2+grams already.
Not quite what I'm used to, but it gives a nice mellowness to it, hint of mood enhancements, got a little stupid yet completely lucid. I have probably half a bowl at a time, lasts me about an hour, hour and a half maybe. I find myself lighting up more every 45 minutes to an hour(ish). Watched 'Superbad' and I notice I'm more emotional towards the characters and scenes (laugh and smile a lot, feel for characters' dilemmas). Very relaxing, but not too much on the body.

Was worth it for sure.

Jake h
Thank you for such a great product, just received it in the mail and gave it a couple of trys and im completely satisfied, better product than Ocean Breeze
Yesterday, 8:38:14 PM

Kevin M
Great product. Great service! I will be a customer for good, been telling my friends about this great incense too. Right on Mr. Nice Guy!!
Saturday, February 06

Awesome....wow im gonna be honest i was a little nervous about trying a new company..but man im glad i did...awesome stuff...im officially a life long customer...tks mr nice guy....
Sunday, February 07, 2010

Got my 1g in the mail today! LOVED IT! New customer to a great new product! I will be a MNGB buyer from now own! Hope to get my free 1g sent out to me soon, thanks mr nice guy!
3 days ago, 9:47:33 PM

received my mngb yesterday, very impressed... it's much better than any of the K2's and every bit as good as serenity now but for a better price :) I will definitly be a returning customer! A++
2 days ago, 5:28:40 PM

Super product! Referred a friend who enjoyed it, too! I'll be back soon! Thanks!
2 days ago, 10:16:12 PM

Tried it with a friend and loved it. I just ordered my first batch, and I already get a second one free!!! YEAH! You guys are awesome! Ship both of mine in the same package plz!!
4 days ago, 10:57:12 AM

Hey now MNG! Presently enjoying your product as I type this. I must say... very well done. Very nice blends too. I'll be contacting you again in the future. Thanks again. Spearmint for the win!!! :)
Yesterday, 4:27:06 PM


Hey there :) I've been testing out your product all day thanks to your quickness to ship it out! I was hoping I'd get it today as I purchased it on Thursday @ like 1:55pm and was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning to find it in the mail box. so you get a a++ for shipping!

For those reading, I purchased one of the Legal mint's--spearmint. Smells delicious. Very sweet-minty. Upon first burn it was a tad harsh, but the mood and effects felt after use were every bit as good if not better than Ocean Breeze. I can't compare to Serenity Now, because I've never used it. The Legal is also a bit better/stronger than Torch if any of you have tried that.

Now no review is complete without a con section. One thing is it wasn't as "fluffy" as I expected, as that is how the blends I'm used to are. However its also good to remember it has been through shipping. Only other thing, is my batch seemed to have a few stems in it. I don't know if this is from leaves as they were crumbled during transit or if it goes back to your blending process. If the latter is true, I'd find it helpful to keep an eye out for stems in the mix.

Overall, I really really like it. I'm going to try to attach some pics to this, so those that are just checking it out can get an idea of what this is. Keep in mind I have had several, several uses out of this bag already even though the label says 1-2 uses. (Sorry for the crappy quality of the pics if they do load, taken with a cell phone!) The stems I found could have been why a couple uses were harsher than others, due to my lack of effort to remove them. And the lack of fluffyness really turned out not to be an issue at all, because like I said the effects are great.

If you're reading this, give it a shot. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed as I'm definitely one satisfied customer looking forward to purchasing more! Thanks Mr. Nice Guy! (and thank you for reading this mini-book I wrote here haha)

the shoe
very good blend, will try again!!love the logo, reminds me of half baked. how do i get the free gram?
Yesterday, 11:04:18 PM

AMAZING...been looking for this blend for 22 years without realizing it...finally able to be clean...amazing.

You have our business MNG, and loyalty. Cant wait to be told "The Secret"...; )

My Brothers and I are thoroughly impressed with this, and we will be ordering regularly!

If you are still on the fence reading this, stop being a pansy and order some blend. And have a Nice Day!
Yesterday, 6:12:32 AM

Just tried this product and I am fully blown away! First off, I recieved it in a timely manner and the price is just right. The blend is not the strongest one I have had, but it packs a punch for sure. It has a good staying power and I for sure will buy again in the future!!
Yesterday, 3:10:57 PM